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Five Top Romantic Destination Wedding Venues & Honeymoon Hotels & Inns In Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Bay Area, Eastbay & Tri Valley

We have often found ourselves staying in some of the most romantic hotels, inns and resorts in the world.  While each of us defines romance a variety of ways, we would like to note in this blog where you will find these excellent ideas for romantic getaways, destination weddings & very romantic honeymoons.

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Los Angeles - West Coast
B & B For Wedding & Honeymoon -  Pasadena
Amazing food and ocean view rooms - Marina Del Rey
Hotel With Beach Honeymoon & Weddings - Santa Monica
Affordable Boutique Beach Hotel With Sports & Activities - Venice
Unique Retro Hollywood for destination weddings - Hollywood

Livermore & Pleasanton

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Five Top Romantic Travel Areas With Romantic Beach Resorts, Romantic Hotels, Inns & B & B's In Tahiti, Hawaii, Napa, Sonoma, Wine Country & Mendocino Coast

We have often found ourselves staying in some of the most romantic hotels, inns and resorts in the world.  While each of us defines romance a variety of ways, we would like to note in this blog where you will find these excellent ideas for romantic getaways, destination weddings & very romantic honeymoons.

Hawaii  & Tahiti Islands Resorts
Perfect destination wedding & honeymoon -  Kauai
Amazing food and over water bungalows -  Bora Bora
Secluded Hotel With Beach Honeymoon & Weddings - Honolulu, Hawaii
Sports & Activities - Breakfast & Car Rental Included - Maui

Mendocino Coast
Amazing food & ocean views near State Park  - Coast
Private Beach Views & Seclusion With Cottage Rentals  - Anchor Bay
Romantic Victorian Inn Overlooking The Ocean  Mendocino Village
Lodging & On The Beach Weddings - North of Mendocino Village

                                                        photo by DUPhotography.com
Sonoma Wine Country
Inn overlooking the vineyards - elopements in Valley of The Moon
Winery Wedding - Santa Rosa
Large Victorian Inn Within Vineyards Amazing Food & Destination Weddings
Modern Inn surrounded by vineyards, good food & wedding garden - Geyserville
Large Wedding & Reception Venue in Park Setting - Healdsburg
Sonoma Coast Hotel - Bodega Bay 

Napa Wine Country
Modern Luxury Resort surrounded by vineyards in Calistoga
Romantic destination wedding venue & hotel  - St. Helena
Boutique Inn with vineyard views - North Napa
Modern Resort In   -    Napa City 
Unique Idea For Elopements  in Napa City

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Shop For Travel, Find Your Wedding Destinations, Your Vacation Spots and Romantic Getaways From Hawaii to Virginia Beach

Shop for all your travel needs in one great platform with HoneymoonLinks.co.  From TRAVEL APPS to Travel Articles and Links To Some Of the Best Resorts and Destinations. You will find top travel agencies with great histories. We believe you will love planning your travel from our resources, 

Fun Wedding Destinations With Very Little RED TAPE ... (little or no wait time on license)
Hawaii Islands,  The Sonoma Napa wine country.  The unique California regions of Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, Monterey, Santa Barbara and San Diego or Los Angeles beaches. 
Niagara Falls in New York, Virginia Beach, Gatliburg Tennessee (Great Smokey Mountains) and the Gulf Shores of Alabama.  There are some very lovely islands in the Caribbean. They offer different governments and different rules of marriage, so please investigate before going.
                                                      Niagara Falls at night.

Inspiring Vacation Spots Vacations have to do with what you seek.  They are meant to be personal, feed your interests and satisfy the urge to seek the unique.  Most of the world is a quick flight or a relaxing cruise away.  Often a good travel agent (who has traveled there before) can give you great insight to your next adventure.  JustHoneymoons.net handles all types of travel and you can earn travel points with Valeries' Frequent Fun Travel.  
                                                  Photo of St. Regis Resort, Tahiti
We personally loved the St. Regis Resort in Bora Bora, Tahiti.  We found several amazing skyscraper hotels in New York City on WeddingLinks.co/new-york-city-wedding-venues   NYLO-NYC is a Manhattan boutique hotel with an exciting rooftop terrace and views from the rooms that will astound you.
                                                     Sedona, Arizona
Romantic Getaways keep your marriage ALIVE and offer great ways to enjoy meeting friends and families in a creative way.  We loved what the following USA areas offer.  Santa Fe, New Mexico - Sedona, Arizona - San Antonio, Texas - Virginia Beach - Mystic Connecticut - Memphis, Tennessee, Cour d' alene Lake in Montana (near Spokane Washington) - Boulder, Colorado - Aspen and Lake Tahoe for summer, or winter ski fun. 
                                               Vineyards of Sonoma County, California
While I live in the Sonoma wine country, and am immersed in vineyards, it is still an amazing feeling taking friends to my favorites throughout the regions of Sonoma and Napa Valley. This area offers excellent hotels, the best of food and wines - along with relaxation. Also considered the second favorite wedding destination area in the United States where you will find great wine country venues and professional services to help you put everything together for every budget on ...     WeddingLinks.co/sonoma-wedding-venues

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Travel items and Travel Books along with a huge shopping mall filled with great ideas and stores for every age and interest - all with BIG savings. Our Blog announces the newest sales found on the web every Wednesday.   GiftShoppingSales.blogspot.com 

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Romantic Ideas For Marriage Proposals, Popping The Questions & Becoming Engaged

WeddingLinks.co and HoneymoonLinks.co provide great venues for popping the questions, asking her to marry you and becoming engaged.  The holidays are a hot topic time for ... Popping the Big Question !!!  Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years, Birthdays, Valentines and whatever great day you can think of ...

                                                          Photo from: WakesOnline
You've looked for a long time for that "special someone" and you want your proposal to be very special. I'd like to offer some great ideas and tips.  We realize some cultures demand talking to the father or mother first and some cultures are very relaxed about this.  Do some inquiring on this ahead of time.  If you decide to have the ring to place on her finger. purchase from a store where you can bring the ring back for something she may believe is more suitable for her hand. (some ladies have thoughts on this). 
{ I bring this up because my sweetheart knew I loved heart shapes, and purchased one for me. I loved it and its sentiment, but I am a writer and the setting moved around on my hand constantly as I typed, so I knew I would be removing it and possibly losing it......so I requested we take a look at other settings. }  Also, white, yellow or rose gold or silver and platinum choices are available and birthstone setting are in style. 

How to Propose: Public or Private:
First of all, if you are insecure about whether she will say YES, do your proposal in private.  Just the two of you.  This way if she says no, or I need time to think about this, you both are not as embarrassed. 

If you have been living together for some time and believe she will accept, the more public and the more romantic you can make it... the better, (unless she is a very shy person).  Simply leave out the phrase - we have been living together for so long.....  that is not always a statement she wants public.

Is it important to be on your knee when you propose?  This depends on how traditional you both are. It is a continually accepted practice.
                                                             Image by EURweb.com

Here are some settings in which to propose:
Out to dinner, on a vacation, on trip to the tallest of buildings (like the Empire State Building), in a wine cave, in a limo, in a hot air balloon, on a picnic, in the middle of a sports stadium, at home, in front of a family gathering, during the holiday gatherings or special religious holiday time. Create a private dinner for two. 

 If thinking about a trip to propose, please use HoneymoonLinks.co for some great ideas
The Bahamas, Bermuda, Florida, Hawaii, Belize, Niagara or Sonoma and Napa wine country, Italy in a Gondola, Paris on or in front of the Eiffel Tower,  Cancun and Costa Rica are very popular.

How to present her with the engagement ring - the token of your love:
Good lighting always is better - mostly because she want to see the sparkle!!!!.  A safe place where the ring will not drop and be lost in the excitement.  We see so many fun ideas.  and you can read our great idea in our "Best Style Wedding & Honeymoon" digital magazine   on page 36.

The pet brings it to her on its collar.  She finds it in her drink glass.  The waiter brings it topping the dessert.  She opens several layers of a holiday present, till she finds the small box.  She finds it on a new key chain.  If she loves to read - place it on a ribbon as a bookmark in a book she is reading.  Take her to the place your first met.  Purchase a tee shirt that says, "Will you marry me!" Have a banner printed up with name + will you marry me - and place it in the room prior to her entry.  Know an artist who exhibits their works -- ask them if you can put your proposal on the wall as an art piece at the exhibit and guide her toward it.  

Send us your e-mail and receive our "Becoming Engaged" newsletter every two weeks.  Enjoy our Blog.  Please return often and comment on my articles.

Best Wishes,
The Wedding Coach for WeddingLinks.co

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Tips On Planning A Maui, Honolulu, Big Island Hawaii Wedding or Honeymoon

                        Hawaii still is a TOP favorite Wedding & Honeymoon Destination For Couples
                                                        Maui Coast - Napali  Coast Area

Excellent ideas to plan your wedding celebration in Hawaii.  There is a great deal to choose from with well trained wedding professionals and awesome hotels and beach front resorts.  The marriage laws make it easy. Read Their Rules.

#1.  There is nothing like a full moon in Hawaii - or a western sunset.  Ask your wedding planner or check with the hotel desk to find out if they are a west coast side of any of the islands you choose.
#2.  Fun destination wedding is have a three or four day weekend with family, friends at a nice resort.  Then for your honeymoon, plan an inter-island cruise.
#3. Choose your backdrop from beautiful gardens, palm tree lined beaches and terraces, waterfalls, mountain tops, to dinner cruises for your reception.
                                                  Sunsets in Hawaii are Awesome
#4.  Vacation rentals are abundant and a great idea for small groups.
#5.  When you are planning for more than six, you really need a wedding planner at the other end. Most hotels and resorts have them, but you will find the independents will fly from island to island and have some great venues no one knows about. They always have their hands on "the real professional".
6. There are a few wedding officiants who offer many of the services a wedding planner might have for two planning a same day wedding.
7.  Waikiki Beach is a jumping place.  If you want that type of activity and excitement each day, they Waikiki it is.  Oahu also has resorts at various places around the island that are very quiet and you can easily go into the city by bus or the hotel's transportation.  Most hotels offer concierge services that will be able to book restaurants, tours and water dives for you.
8.  If you are a military veteran for the United State, they have a wonderful hotel on Waikiki Beach.  Weddings and Events are welcome there along with honeymooners.
9. Last but not least is a tip I learned the hard way...... never wear a MuuMuu into the Waikiki Beach City.
Sun dress, walking shorts, slacks, etc....Be a little more modern, or wear a big hat and sun glasses to hide your red face......twas not the thing to do.
10. Please use the great travel tools & free Travel APPS on HoneymoonLinks.co

Enjoy WeddingLinks.co with thousands of venues & expert wedding services.

#Hawaii wedding planning
#Maui destination wedding
#Same Day wedding in Hawaii

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From Hawaii, Niagara Falls To The Caribbean & Europe What Are The Ingredients For Romantic Travel

Planning a romantic getaway or honeymoon?  Include some of these TIPS and ingredients for romantic travel.  Find great hotels, romantic destinations and ideas on HoneymoonLinks.co and WeddingLinks.co.  Understanding what each of you enjoys and appreciates is the standout TIP here.  Also a full knowledge of your budget will bring enjoyment to a vacation or romantic getaway.  

Questions You May Want To Ask Before Planning Your Romantic Getaway, Honeymoon or Vacation

  1. How private and remote do you want to be?  Your own private villa with servants, a cottage on a beach or forest.  Perhaps you enjoy a swinging party or nightclub atmosphere
  2. Is fine food and quality bar or wines important to your trip?  Are you a cafe type of people? Do you want all-inclusive travel - with accommodations, food etc, or a guided tour type of person?
  3. Are restful settings or extreme sports a key to your enjoyment?
  4. What intrigues you?  History, Mystery, People, Beauty, Environment
  5. If you bring the children - do you have ways to have them cared for - for your private time.

Consideration of one another's enjoyment builds romance.  Something special for her and something special for him... and for the both of you brings a balance.  Below are some very romantic ideas!
                                         Romantic Getaways in beautiful wine country regions
                                           Reserve that spot on amazing romantic beaches
                                                 Explore European castles & hotels

  1. Plan trips around the full moon calendar. Beautiful evenings add a great deal of romance
  2. Look at the unique weather information available on HoneymoonLinks.co home page. (You really do not want to head to the Caribbean during hurricane season.)
  3. Pack ahead - little meaningful gifts to open while on your trip.
  4. Include tours and unique tourism ideas through the hotel.
  5. Enjoy a spa date with a "Couples Massage"
  6. Check out local restaurants - online reviews prior to travel. Ask the locals and hotel also.
  7. Don't wear yourselves out every day - be rested to enjoy one another.
  8. Understand if you have just planned and experienced a wedding day celebration, you are going to be very tired, so plan a few days rest and then head toward the tours, clubs and recreation.  Sick and sun burned is not what you want.
  9. Remember to get a phone app for long distance - or, or, or you come home to major bills.
  10. Take lots of selfies, but put your phone away and pay attention to one another and savor your surroundings.
  11. Traditional vacations of the same old spot - do not add to your romance. Keep it moving!! You will find some areas are more romantic than others, but most build unique memories between the two of you through the years.

Join In The Conversation .... We would love your input on Adding Romance To Your Travel.

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Five Unique Tourism Areas Near Popular Wedding and Honeymoon Areas

Not everyone goes on their honeymoon to visit sandy shorelines and resort hotels.  Some of us have had mmmm dreams of finally getting out of town to a area we have wanted to visit for ten or more years. So why not make this happen on your honeymoon!?? A couple might enjoy exploring, gaining an insight to their new spouse and understand why this would be of interest.

Other couples want to believe some of the money they are spending on their honeymoon will go for the common good.  I have outlined a few "growing in popularity" honeymoon locations couples love to explore.  Some of these ideas offer a giving back attitude to their communities and beyond.

The Great Smokey Mountains offer a multitude of lovely hotels, performing arts centers, country western music, and barbecue restaurants.  From Dollywood in Pigeon Forge to Gatlinburg, Tennessee you will find distilleries and wineries, white water rafting, hiking, fishing and in the winter - downhill skiing.

Ms. Dolly Parton has for years, selects, publishes and sends children, (pre school  and up),   free books every month.  Her funds support the printing and delivery of these to to children with the goal of encouraging reading at an early age.

Santa Rosa California is in the heart of the Sonoma wine country in California.  The area is filled with boutique hotels, inspiring views, amazing wines and a few hidden gems for the tourist.  The desire to go to Africa is fulfilled at Safari West - where your room is on stilts overlooking zebras, giraffes, birds of every type and hillsides of water buffalos.  You awake to the jungle sounds and begin to explore with a day on the Safari West property and the next day head to the nearby Charles Schultz museum where ALL the Peanut's friends from the movies and comic strip come alive with one of the best museums in California. Your next day finds you exploring Francis Ford Coppola's winery and some of the valleys filled with vineyards and wine tasting.

The Schultz foundation is well known for their giving back. They support the Canine Companions with an amazing facility in Santa Rosa.... as well as other charity involvements.

San Francisco holds a wealth of fun things to do and see.  Whether you stay at Fisherman's Wharf, the Theater District or across the Golden Gate bridge in Marin, you will enjoy the Golden Gate Park events, baseball or sports stadiums, many visitors now want to see the New Disney Family Museum at the Presidio Grounds. This is a huge museum and tho Disney was based in Southern California this site does well by his historic photos and film files.  So if you are a Disney lover, this is for you.

Orlando, Florida  continues to be a favorite for honeymooners.  From Disney World to Epcot, no one misses a beat with all the fun things to explore.  Lake Resorts, Condos and lovely romantic suites await the tourist.  But it is the nearby side trip to spending a day at Cape Caniveral that will have you talking for years to come.  I was there in 76 and believe me, the size of this museum has quadrupled with some of the most interesting films, displays and an amazing time for the United States.  You will find the actual ships, realize the enormity of what occurred and view an inter-active mock up of the space station.

Aspen Colorado may be in your mind for winter sports, but understand this is a very romantic and enjoyable setting for a honeymoon.  The chair lift up the mountain to Independence Pass is inspiring to say the least.
You will find hiking, ballooning, horseback riding, white water rafting, biking, the John Denver sanctuary for wildlife. several theater and arts with music festivals and performances all summer long.

There is no lack of hotels and house rentals.  You will love the fact that John Denver (noted singer) has placed funds for the sanctuary and preservation of this rapid growing area.

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Lucky Seven Most Romantic Travel Ideas and Hotels in Las Vegas

Yes - we know, its all romantic, exciting and head spinning in Las Vegas - but believe me there are some hotels and inns, that add romance in every way to their list of tingling sensations! Our investigation came with a funny reply to my husband when he asked, "What would you like to do on our anniversary."  Smart alec that I am - I said....Ahhhhh I would like breakfast in Paris, Lunch in New York and dinner in Venice.

He made reservations in Las Vegas.
We had breakfast at the Paris - Las Vegas Hotel - in a little cafe... just under the Eiffel Tower...

We walked to lunch in the New York - New York Hotel ...

Had a gondola ride and very romantic late dinner at the Venetian Hotel

Needless to say our anniversary was a Great Success!!  Each of these locations do offer romantic suites and rooms with views of this dynamic city that never sleeps. Always ask about
                                                  the hotel's "romance package".

 I would also like you to consider some of the following, just off the beaten track and on the Las Vegas Strip.  Also find out more romantic travel ideas on our website ...  HoneymoonLinks.co.
If you want more affordable romantic hotels, review our blog's next posting.

#4 The Mandarin Oriental Resort Hotel

#5  The Bellagio Hotel & Resort

#6  The Sky Suites at Aria Hotel 

#7  The Westin Lakeside Resort - just outside of Las Vegas

by JR Moore - The Wedding Coach , WeddingLinks.co   HoneymoonLinks.co    LocalSEOexperts.biz

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Most Romantic Travel Hotels & Resorts In Sonoma Wine Country To San Diego, Catalina Island, Yosemite & The Sierra Foothills

The California Coast, Sierra Foothills & Wine Country invites honeymooners & destination wedding couples  to immerse themselves in a combination of luxury, outdoor experiences and romantic settings. The warmest areas for beach lovers are in San Diego, Orange County and the fun an funky Santa Catalina Island of Romance.  Whether staying on a rented yacht or enjoying a beach side hotel, you will find a great number of quality restaurants, unique adventure sports and laid back sun-cozy spots on the beaches.

Find very romantic honeymoon hotels in our digital magazine and on WeddingLinks.co
"Best Style California Wedding & Honeymoon" e-magazine offers ten distinct regions of California with ideas for destination weddings & honeymoons.

The Sonoma & Napa Wine Country are the 2nd most enjoyed Destination Wedding Area in the United States. The last twenty-five years have seen a flourish of awe inspiring wedding venues, tucked into the vineyard views or gold medal winning wineries, inns & B & Bs.  The expert wedding professionald in this region bring life to flawless celebrations with their talents. They love living and working in this region, so they know it well.  They assist couples in fine tuning wedding celebrations from the "unique engagement to the elopements and same day weddings, to the exciting family weddings where people meet from all over the world to explore the beauty of the area.
                                                  photo by DUPhotography.com
You will find some of our favorite venues for the Wine Country plus quality services on WeddingLinks.co

There are many romantic honeymoon hotels in the San Diego Area.  We especially love the La Jolla area, just north of San Diego.  We so appreciated The Pacific Terrace. is perched on an easy access bluff to boardwalk and beach below. Sound of the surf and glorious sunsets are part of the enjoyment.

Couples are enchanted with the Bali influenced decor and tropical island feeling of Paradise Point Resort in San Diego.  The luxury of spa, marina, water sports, beachfront and pool with restaurants all add up to a very enjoyable honeymoon or romantic getaway.  For those with a longer time away, we encourage a few days at a nice San Diego resort and then hop on a cruise ship for a fun week at sea.  "So much to see and so little time to do it!" San Diego continues to live up to this phrase.

                                                    Photo of San Diego by Wikipidia.com

Just 22 miles on a ferry ride out of Orange County or Long Beach is the fun island of Catalina. Couples love the island feel of this location. The snorkeling and diving, along with the village and casino make for full days and fun evenings.  This is a beautiful little harbor.

For best views:  The Catalina Island Inn offers a few rooms with great harbor views
For quiet:  The Catalina Canyon Resort offers an excellent spa, great food, pool and peace away from the bustling harbor.
For beach:  The Hotel Metropole is modern, chic and not far from the beach fun.

                                                     Photo by AdventurePeople.net

While there are very few hotel locations to stay in the National Park, there continues to be the fablous
Ahwahnee Hotel for the most romantic weddings and honeymoons. Whether you want to sit, climb, hike, walk through, dine, bike or meditate ... this is a very spiritual and rewarding location.

                                               Yosemite Valley Photo by EveningSends.com

The Sutter Creek and Sierra Foothill country of Highway 49 guarantees your experiencing the old Gold Country western town flavor.  You fill find delightful restaurants, beautiful inns and bed and breakfasts. We were very impressed with the crisp, modern boutique-style of the Hanford House rooms.   They offer spa services and one of the most amazing breakfasts ever experienced!

Sierra Foothills Vineyard Views are found at the Amador Harvest Inn, a quaint bed and breakfast with four bedrooms, gardens, inspiring views in Plymouth. A very relaxing location with access to the many fine wineries in the region and unique towns along the route.

                                                         Photo by SutterCreek.org

Another great asset to the Sierra Foothills is in the glorious county of Calaveras.  The California Big Trees Park  is near near Arnold.  Murphys and the California wine country are fun to explore here. We found a lovely resort with fine accommodations called the Mountain Retreat Resort.  These beautiful condos are available to rent from owners.

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Boutique Hotels in Sonoma Wine Country, Santa Monica, Chicago & Miami

Half the fun in going somewhere is finding a great hotel to enjoy with all the amenities, spa, pool, beach and accommodations to meet my budget for that trip.  Friends ask, "where .... what do you think ... and of course I try to suggest a few.  But, what I have found in this conversation is the underlying fact - some people want large hotels with 3 or 4 restaurants, gift shops, golf courses etc. while others want small luxury boutique hotels with all those amenities.  Well we have been scouting out some that are very romantic boutique hotels with many extras.

We found the Miami. Florida hotel in the South Beach region will fit most of the criteria in a grand and luxury way. The happy colors, inspiring palm tree-shaded lawn, sun deck and very nice stretch of sunny Atlantic beach is a definite YES at the Betsy Hotel South Beach.  The restaurant has raves as Miami's best steak house - yet the menus are varied and they also offer sushi. Lunch, dinner or dessert, this is a happy face for indulgent eating and splendid relaxation.  61 guest rooms, not far from the nightclub action and tons of to dos in this beautiful area.
                                                            Photo by Cynergistic.com

What do you go to the Sonoma wine country for?  The vineyards!!  So why book a hotel that does not have views of the vineyards.  The Vintner's Inn has rooms and a restaurant that look out over the beautiful vineyards, as well as a spa. It is adjacent to the famous chef's restaurant JOHN ASH on the grounds.
You have immediate access to the Russian River Vineyard region, the Healdsburg wine regions and glorious
hilltop vineyards of Paradise Ridge.  Just east in 20 minutes is the Valley of the Moon vineyards.... and with Napa Valley just a half hour away.

                                                        Photo by NeverEndingVoyage.com

I am sooooo in love with Shutters on The Beach in Santa Monica, California - because it continues with great service, good food at three restaurants, a breakfast included each day and extra fun activities.  The beach is where it happens during the day and the nearby pier (a block away) at night.  Enjoy the bicycles, the surf boards and maybe the Tesla house car while there.

This is a retreat with the sound of the ocean, warm sand, inspiring ocean views up and down the coast ... in crisp, clean luxury setting. Years ago I was a So. California sun bunny and do understand the importance of this iconic setting.
Photo by DreamsTime.com

For many, romance is frills, hearts, gifts, lace, silky things, music, perfume, beaches and breathtaking views ... while others indulge in romantic history.  

If  romantic history is your thing, you will love the quite elegant, and very historic, Knickerbocker Hotel in Chicago on the "Magnificent Mile". It offers excellent Lake views has a lot to offer those visiting this large city.  History is what we are talking here.  Opening in 1927 rumor has it - they had a speakeasy during prohibition.  It used to be the "Playboy Hotel" during the 70's. The "cocktail" was first created here.  
Always refurbished in the newest trends, the rooms range from standard to large luxury suites.  This Chicago hotel is close to the Observatory, and the Navy Pier with tons of shopping. 

They have one of Chicago's most elegant ballrooms.


If you desire more hotels, resorts, b & b's or vacation rental links - please go to  WeddingLinks.com or WeddingLinks.co
and search your region.

Hotels & Resorts For Sun Worshipers - From Spain, Italy, Tahiti, Hawaii & Lake Tahoe, California

Ohhh you are a "Sun Worshiper?  We are too, and have found some very enticing locations throughout the world for the most romantic destinations.  Plus more on HoneymoonLinks.co ...

Photo by JR Moore - St. Regis on Bora Bora, Tahiti

Imagine a very blue lagoon, sugar white sand, and slipping into the refreshing water right from your over water bungalow.  Your hotel suite is spacious, with all the comforts of home.  The restaurant offers a waterside table or unique views from the cooled interior.  A water taxi takes you to other restaurants or shopping with just a simple phone call to the desk.  
You will find this and more at the St. Regis Resort in Bora Bora. 

Between Valencia and Barcelona Spain, You will find the Mas de La Serra is an off the beaten path luxury boutique hotel within a wilderness.  They offer luxury accommodations, a private chef, and an amazingly restored building with modern conveniences. Near the Els Nature Park and part of Spain' Tuscany, there is no end to the beauty from almond orchards to mountains and forest wildlife. Sports oriented will find kayaking to rock climbing and star gazing are all part of the wonders.  Need a city, airport or a beach, they are just an hour away.  Did I forget? - a fab swimming pool in the full sun.
                                                    Photo by Wickipida.org of Els Nature Park

The Grand Hotel Tremezo is beyond ELEGANT. Surrounded by luxury, amazing views of Lake Como in northern Italy, you will find the sun brings your tan to a mountain high in this setting.
                                                          Photo from DiscoverComo.com
This glorious resort has beautiful gardens, an excellent restaurant, inspiring views and vast accolades from being featured in a number of magazines. Swimming, water sports, sailing and exploring various restaurants around the lake by water taxi or car... are all part of your summer fun and romantic honeymoon in the mountain air.

From the beach to your private suite's sun deck and to the pool, you will find beauty, luxury, tranquility and an amazing setting on Oahu, in beautiful Hawaii.  Near Honolulu for all the hub bub and night life - yet set off from the crowds, we found the Halekulani Hotel to be one of the most romantic settings.
                                                           Photo by Fodors.com

Lake Tahoe offers a few glamour resorts on the North Shore and South Shore. This is my mecca, and has been since I was quite young.  From camping, time shares, private cabin rentals to finding those amazing restaurants and views to remember all year long.  Return I must to this California and Nevada shared mountain lake.  The region is as well known for its skiing - as its tantalizing summer fun.

Even tho it is a casino, we found the Harrah's Lake Tahoe on South Shore provides many nice accommodations looking out over the beautiful Lake Tahoe.  Well known for their restaurants and buffet, you will find it is a comfortable choice in the area.  Many of the beaches are public and/or state parks.  You pick up a sun burn and tan quickly in this region at 6,000 feet.

While the hotel does not have much of a view, the accommodations are very good.  The Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel  on the South shore will give you a feeling of luxury and the restaurant offers a varied menu and is quite enjoyable.
                                                                       Photo of Lake Tahoe by  Ironman.com
We reviewed and love the Squaw Creek Resort - within the famous ski valley and away from the main lake, it is a 20 minute ride to the beaches on the north shoreline.  This is a four-diamond resort in a very beautiful valley where the Olympics were held in 1959-60. From the golf course to the excellent restaurant and the region's additional shops and restaurants, you will find much to do. The ski lift to the top will bring you to an amazing restaurant.

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