Thursday, July 30, 2015

From Hawaii, Niagara Falls To The Caribbean & Europe What Are The Ingredients For Romantic Travel

Planning a romantic getaway or honeymoon?  Include some of these TIPS and ingredients for romantic travel.  Find great hotels, romantic destinations and ideas on and  Understanding what each of you enjoys and appreciates is the standout TIP here.  Also a full knowledge of your budget will bring enjoyment to a vacation or romantic getaway.  

Questions You May Want To Ask Before Planning Your Romantic Getaway, Honeymoon or Vacation

  1. How private and remote do you want to be?  Your own private villa with servants, a cottage on a beach or forest.  Perhaps you enjoy a swinging party or nightclub atmosphere
  2. Is fine food and quality bar or wines important to your trip?  Are you a cafe type of people? Do you want all-inclusive travel - with accommodations, food etc, or a guided tour type of person?
  3. Are restful settings or extreme sports a key to your enjoyment?
  4. What intrigues you?  History, Mystery, People, Beauty, Environment
  5. If you bring the children - do you have ways to have them cared for - for your private time.

Consideration of one another's enjoyment builds romance.  Something special for her and something special for him... and for the both of you brings a balance.  Below are some very romantic ideas!
                                         Romantic Getaways in beautiful wine country regions
                                           Reserve that spot on amazing romantic beaches
                                                 Explore European castles & hotels

  1. Plan trips around the full moon calendar. Beautiful evenings add a great deal of romance
  2. Look at the unique weather information available on home page. (You really do not want to head to the Caribbean during hurricane season.)
  3. Pack ahead - little meaningful gifts to open while on your trip.
  4. Include tours and unique tourism ideas through the hotel.
  5. Enjoy a spa date with a "Couples Massage"
  6. Check out local restaurants - online reviews prior to travel. Ask the locals and hotel also.
  7. Don't wear yourselves out every day - be rested to enjoy one another.
  8. Understand if you have just planned and experienced a wedding day celebration, you are going to be very tired, so plan a few days rest and then head toward the tours, clubs and recreation.  Sick and sun burned is not what you want.
  9. Remember to get a phone app for long distance - or, or, or you come home to major bills.
  10. Take lots of selfies, but put your phone away and pay attention to one another and savor your surroundings.
  11. Traditional vacations of the same old spot - do not add to your romance. Keep it moving!! You will find some areas are more romantic than others, but most build unique memories between the two of you through the years.

Join In The Conversation .... We would love your input on Adding Romance To Your Travel.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Five Unique Tourism Areas Near Popular Wedding and Honeymoon Areas

Not everyone goes on their honeymoon to visit sandy shorelines and resort hotels.  Some of us have had mmmm dreams of finally getting out of town to a area we have wanted to visit for ten or more years. So why not make this happen on your honeymoon!?? A couple might enjoy exploring, gaining an insight to their new spouse and understand why this would be of interest.

Other couples want to believe some of the money they are spending on their honeymoon will go for the common good.  I have outlined a few "growing in popularity" honeymoon locations couples love to explore.  Some of these ideas offer a giving back attitude to their communities and beyond.

The Great Smokey Mountains offer a multitude of lovely hotels, performing arts centers, country western music, and barbecue restaurants.  From Dollywood in Pigeon Forge to Gatlinburg, Tennessee you will find distilleries and wineries, white water rafting, hiking, fishing and in the winter - downhill skiing.

Ms. Dolly Parton has for years, selects, publishes and sends children, (pre school  and up),   free books every month.  Her funds support the printing and delivery of these to to children with the goal of encouraging reading at an early age.

Santa Rosa California is in the heart of the Sonoma wine country in California.  The area is filled with boutique hotels, inspiring views, amazing wines and a few hidden gems for the tourist.  The desire to go to Africa is fulfilled at Safari West - where your room is on stilts overlooking zebras, giraffes, birds of every type and hillsides of water buffalos.  You awake to the jungle sounds and begin to explore with a day on the Safari West property and the next day head to the nearby Charles Schultz museum where ALL the Peanut's friends from the movies and comic strip come alive with one of the best museums in California. Your next day finds you exploring Francis Ford Coppola's winery and some of the valleys filled with vineyards and wine tasting.

The Schultz foundation is well known for their giving back. They support the Canine Companions with an amazing facility in Santa Rosa.... as well as other charity involvements.

San Francisco holds a wealth of fun things to do and see.  Whether you stay at Fisherman's Wharf, the Theater District or across the Golden Gate bridge in Marin, you will enjoy the Golden Gate Park events, baseball or sports stadiums, many visitors now want to see the New Disney Family Museum at the Presidio Grounds. This is a huge museum and tho Disney was based in Southern California this site does well by his historic photos and film files.  So if you are a Disney lover, this is for you.

Orlando, Florida  continues to be a favorite for honeymooners.  From Disney World to Epcot, no one misses a beat with all the fun things to explore.  Lake Resorts, Condos and lovely romantic suites await the tourist.  But it is the nearby side trip to spending a day at Cape Caniveral that will have you talking for years to come.  I was there in 76 and believe me, the size of this museum has quadrupled with some of the most interesting films, displays and an amazing time for the United States.  You will find the actual ships, realize the enormity of what occurred and view an inter-active mock up of the space station.

Aspen Colorado may be in your mind for winter sports, but understand this is a very romantic and enjoyable setting for a honeymoon.  The chair lift up the mountain to Independence Pass is inspiring to say the least.
You will find hiking, ballooning, horseback riding, white water rafting, biking, the John Denver sanctuary for wildlife. several theater and arts with music festivals and performances all summer long.

There is no lack of hotels and house rentals.  You will love the fact that John Denver (noted singer) has placed funds for the sanctuary and preservation of this rapid growing area.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Lucky Seven Most Romantic Travel Ideas and Hotels in Las Vegas

Yes - we know, its all romantic, exciting and head spinning in Las Vegas - but believe me there are some hotels and inns, that add romance in every way to their list of tingling sensations! Our investigation came with a funny reply to my husband when he asked, "What would you like to do on our anniversary."  Smart alec that I am - I said....Ahhhhh I would like breakfast in Paris, Lunch in New York and dinner in Venice.

He made reservations in Las Vegas.
We had breakfast at the Paris - Las Vegas Hotel - in a little cafe... just under the Eiffel Tower...

We walked to lunch in the New York - New York Hotel ...

Had a gondola ride and very romantic late dinner at the Venetian Hotel

Needless to say our anniversary was a Great Success!!  Each of these locations do offer romantic suites and rooms with views of this dynamic city that never sleeps. Always ask about
                                                  the hotel's "romance package".

 I would also like you to consider some of the following, just off the beaten track and on the Las Vegas Strip.  Also find out more romantic travel ideas on our website ...
If you want more affordable romantic hotels, review our blog's next posting.

#4 The Mandarin Oriental Resort Hotel

#5  The Bellagio Hotel & Resort

#6  The Sky Suites at Aria Hotel 

#7  The Westin Lakeside Resort - just outside of Las Vegas

by JR Moore - The Wedding Coach ,