Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Five Top Romantic Destination Wedding Venues & Honeymoon Hotels & Inns In Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Bay Area, Eastbay & Tri Valley

We have often found ourselves staying in some of the most romantic hotels, inns and resorts in the world.  While each of us defines romance a variety of ways, we would like to note in this blog where you will find these excellent ideas for romantic getaways, destination weddings & very romantic honeymoons.

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Los Angeles - West Coast
B & B For Wedding & Honeymoon -  Pasadena
Amazing food and ocean view rooms - Marina Del Rey
Hotel With Beach Honeymoon & Weddings - Santa Monica
Affordable Boutique Beach Hotel With Sports & Activities - Venice
Unique Retro Hollywood for destination weddings - Hollywood

Livermore & Pleasanton