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Tips On Planning A Maui, Honolulu, Big Island Hawaii Wedding or Honeymoon

                        Hawaii still is a TOP favorite Wedding & Honeymoon Destination For Couples
                                                        Maui Coast - Napali  Coast Area

Excellent ideas to plan your wedding celebration in Hawaii.  There is a great deal to choose from with well trained wedding professionals and awesome hotels and beach front resorts.  The marriage laws make it easy. Read Their Rules.

#1.  There is nothing like a full moon in Hawaii - or a western sunset.  Ask your wedding planner or check with the hotel desk to find out if they are a west coast side of any of the islands you choose.
#2.  Fun destination wedding is have a three or four day weekend with family, friends at a nice resort.  Then for your honeymoon, plan an inter-island cruise.
#3. Choose your backdrop from beautiful gardens, palm tree lined beaches and terraces, waterfalls, mountain tops, to dinner cruises for your reception.
                                                  Sunsets in Hawaii are Awesome
#4.  Vacation rentals are abundant and a great idea for small groups.
#5.  When you are planning for more than six, you really need a wedding planner at the other end. Most hotels and resorts have them, but you will find the independents will fly from island to island and have some great venues no one knows about. They always have their hands on "the real professional".
6. There are a few wedding officiants who offer many of the services a wedding planner might have for two planning a same day wedding.
7.  Waikiki Beach is a jumping place.  If you want that type of activity and excitement each day, they Waikiki it is.  Oahu also has resorts at various places around the island that are very quiet and you can easily go into the city by bus or the hotel's transportation.  Most hotels offer concierge services that will be able to book restaurants, tours and water dives for you.
8.  If you are a military veteran for the United State, they have a wonderful hotel on Waikiki Beach.  Weddings and Events are welcome there along with honeymooners.
9. Last but not least is a tip I learned the hard way...... never wear a MuuMuu into the Waikiki Beach City.
Sun dress, walking shorts, slacks, etc....Be a little more modern, or wear a big hat and sun glasses to hide your red face......twas not the thing to do.
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Enjoy with thousands of venues & expert wedding services.

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