Saturday, November 26, 2016

From Resorts & Hotels To Sports Enthusiasts Find The Ten Best Places To Honeymoon For Newlyweds In 2016

In years past, honeymoons were enjoyed by only the wealthiest of couples and the monarchy. They would travel for a year, visiting relatives receiving well wishes and stays in various castles.  Many traveled by yacht and in today's world the monarchy continues to travel by air and sea.


The concept of a honeymoon caught on with the wealthy and Today, honeymoons, for anywhere from three days to three weeks include the honeymooners joined, or individual interests, passions and hobbies. 

In designing your honeymoon, these tips can include the following:

  • It is perfectly acceptable to put your honeymoon to be delayed a few weeks or month after the wedding date and we also see couples choosing the destination wedding area that works well as their honeymoon haven. 
  • A honeymoon can and should include some very romantic times together.  Bring small gifts for one another, surprise dinners, romantic view for dinner, include each of your desires.
  • Leave your cell phones and facebooks alone and be with one another.
  • Too much sun (sunburn) and too much alcohol (forgotten moments), rich food (stomach aches), charges on your credit card (homecoming bills).  provides great articles on fun locations & ideas for your honeymoon.
We included in our lists some enjoyable areas of the world to find extraordinary settings. provides thousands of links to favorite destination wedding areas.

For The Beach Lover & Surfers

For The Curious Adventurer

For The Nightlife 

For The Foodie

For The Diver

For The Hiker

For The Nature Lovers

For The Sailor 

For The Spa & Glamour Lovers
For The Music Lovers