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Romantic Ideas For Marriage Proposals, Popping The Questions & Becoming Engaged

WeddingLinks.co and HoneymoonLinks.co provide great venues for popping the questions, asking her to marry you and becoming engaged.  The holidays are a hot topic time for ... Popping the Big Question !!!  Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years, Birthdays, Valentines and whatever great day you can think of ...

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You've looked for a long time for that "special someone" and you want your proposal to be very special. I'd like to offer some great ideas and tips.  We realize some cultures demand talking to the father or mother first and some cultures are very relaxed about this.  Do some inquiring on this ahead of time.  If you decide to have the ring to place on her finger. purchase from a store where you can bring the ring back for something she may believe is more suitable for her hand. (some ladies have thoughts on this). 
{ I bring this up because my sweetheart knew I loved heart shapes, and purchased one for me. I loved it and its sentiment, but I am a writer and the setting moved around on my hand constantly as I typed, so I knew I would be removing it and possibly losing it......so I requested we take a look at other settings. }  Also, white, yellow or rose gold or silver and platinum choices are available and birthstone setting are in style. 

How to Propose: Public or Private:
First of all, if you are insecure about whether she will say YES, do your proposal in private.  Just the two of you.  This way if she says no, or I need time to think about this, you both are not as embarrassed. 

If you have been living together for some time and believe she will accept, the more public and the more romantic you can make it... the better, (unless she is a very shy person).  Simply leave out the phrase - we have been living together for so long.....  that is not always a statement she wants public.

Is it important to be on your knee when you propose?  This depends on how traditional you both are. It is a continually accepted practice.
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Here are some settings in which to propose:
Out to dinner, on a vacation, on trip to the tallest of buildings (like the Empire State Building), in a wine cave, in a limo, in a hot air balloon, on a picnic, in the middle of a sports stadium, at home, in front of a family gathering, during the holiday gatherings or special religious holiday time. Create a private dinner for two. 

 If thinking about a trip to propose, please use HoneymoonLinks.co for some great ideas
The Bahamas, Bermuda, Florida, Hawaii, Belize, Niagara or Sonoma and Napa wine country, Italy in a Gondola, Paris on or in front of the Eiffel Tower,  Cancun and Costa Rica are very popular.

How to present her with the engagement ring - the token of your love:
Good lighting always is better - mostly because she want to see the sparkle!!!!.  A safe place where the ring will not drop and be lost in the excitement.  We see so many fun ideas.  and you can read our great idea in our "Best Style Wedding & Honeymoon" digital magazine   on page 36.

The pet brings it to her on its collar.  She finds it in her drink glass.  The waiter brings it topping the dessert.  She opens several layers of a holiday present, till she finds the small box.  She finds it on a new key chain.  If she loves to read - place it on a ribbon as a bookmark in a book she is reading.  Take her to the place your first met.  Purchase a tee shirt that says, "Will you marry me!" Have a banner printed up with name + will you marry me - and place it in the room prior to her entry.  Know an artist who exhibits their works -- ask them if you can put your proposal on the wall as an art piece at the exhibit and guide her toward it.  

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