Monday, May 23, 2016

WHY Travel Every Year To A Favorite Destination - Local Lake, Favorite City, Hobby Base Destination, Family Resort

Every year I speak with hundreds of people regarding the types of trips they are planning.  I often hear, ohh we have a cabin in the woods we always go to, or we love archaeology, so we return to a dig in South America every year.  Sometimes we have met Nascar enthusiast who follow the races with their spare time and hikers/bikers who choose different trails throughout the world.

                                We also find those who want the sun and surf resort each day they have off.
                                                         St. Regis, Bora Bora, Tahiti

Returning To The Same Spot
Building memories, returning to a honeymoon location and investment property at a favorite local are often the reasons people/families return to the same location.

Finding A Place In History or fulfill the love of a specific hobby
Is often the reason people choose to explore a specific history, sport or people.  Time to add to their memory of experiences with a unique hobby gains great memories for others.

For many, Travel gives them a reason to expand their personality, passion and expression and gives a topic of discussion they can share with friends.  While many of us love romantic travel when we have a loving partner, it can still explore a variety of scenery and objectives.  We meet people who look forward to the same old - same old and others who want and believe that variety is the spice of life.

We encourage people to mix it up.  Try something new, but also understand a weekend trip with busy, busy, events, or action takes a lot of energy.  When you return to a spot that gives you rest, relaxation and leaves you feeling energized, it is  vital to your continued health and well being.  Both are equally important.

Happy traveling,  Please Review for travel ideas, apps & sales on travel.

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