Thursday, July 30, 2015

From Hawaii, Niagara Falls To The Caribbean & Europe What Are The Ingredients For Romantic Travel

Planning a romantic getaway or honeymoon?  Include some of these TIPS and ingredients for romantic travel.  Find great hotels, romantic destinations and ideas on and  Understanding what each of you enjoys and appreciates is the standout TIP here.  Also a full knowledge of your budget will bring enjoyment to a vacation or romantic getaway.  

Questions You May Want To Ask Before Planning Your Romantic Getaway, Honeymoon or Vacation

  1. How private and remote do you want to be?  Your own private villa with servants, a cottage on a beach or forest.  Perhaps you enjoy a swinging party or nightclub atmosphere
  2. Is fine food and quality bar or wines important to your trip?  Are you a cafe type of people? Do you want all-inclusive travel - with accommodations, food etc, or a guided tour type of person?
  3. Are restful settings or extreme sports a key to your enjoyment?
  4. What intrigues you?  History, Mystery, People, Beauty, Environment
  5. If you bring the children - do you have ways to have them cared for - for your private time.

Consideration of one another's enjoyment builds romance.  Something special for her and something special for him... and for the both of you brings a balance.  Below are some very romantic ideas!
                                         Romantic Getaways in beautiful wine country regions
                                           Reserve that spot on amazing romantic beaches
                                                 Explore European castles & hotels

  1. Plan trips around the full moon calendar. Beautiful evenings add a great deal of romance
  2. Look at the unique weather information available on home page. (You really do not want to head to the Caribbean during hurricane season.)
  3. Pack ahead - little meaningful gifts to open while on your trip.
  4. Include tours and unique tourism ideas through the hotel.
  5. Enjoy a spa date with a "Couples Massage"
  6. Check out local restaurants - online reviews prior to travel. Ask the locals and hotel also.
  7. Don't wear yourselves out every day - be rested to enjoy one another.
  8. Understand if you have just planned and experienced a wedding day celebration, you are going to be very tired, so plan a few days rest and then head toward the tours, clubs and recreation.  Sick and sun burned is not what you want.
  9. Remember to get a phone app for long distance - or, or, or you come home to major bills.
  10. Take lots of selfies, but put your phone away and pay attention to one another and savor your surroundings.
  11. Traditional vacations of the same old spot - do not add to your romance. Keep it moving!! You will find some areas are more romantic than others, but most build unique memories between the two of you through the years.

Join In The Conversation .... We would love your input on Adding Romance To Your Travel.

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